Anonymous asked: Whats the craziest thing you have ever done to get a good photo

ur sister

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 Port Townsend, WA | Zachary Snellenberger
 Is it too deep for you? | Zachary Snellenberger

Anonymous asked: Where do you work? Or are you freelance? What job do you work to pay the bills?

Just recently became the Photographer / Media Manager for the clothing/lifestyle brand Imperial Motion. Up until then I was just freelance, yes.

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someone come & break my heart I need to take good pictures again.

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 Middle of Nowhere II | Zachary Snellenberger
 Middle of Nowhere | Zachary Snellenberger
Recently set up a shop with my prints available for sale!For special requests or if you’re interested in a print that isn’t currently in the shop please email me at zacharysnellenberger@gmail.comShop

Anonymous asked: Where do you get your inspiration ?


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Anonymous asked: I was wondering if your "Midnight" photo will be available for purchase?

I currently have it available in sizes 8x10 and 11x14
Email me for pricing and purchases!

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Music suggestions?

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 Vance Creek | Zachary Snellenberger
 Yours Truly | Imperial Motion // Fall 2014
 My Twin | Zachary Snellenberger